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License renewed for Dandelion

July 2, 2013

07/03/13 The alcoholic beverage license that belongs to the Dandelion will wait in escrow while the owners search for a new location and restaurant.

The Nice People Corporation Secretary Dave Fortin came before the Alcoholic Beverage Commission to seek a renewal of the license of the Dandelion which is now closed. He said that the company is planning on opening another restaurant in downtown Plymouth once a suitable building can be purchased.

The Dandelion had two violations late last year – one in October for serving a minor the other a happy hour pricing violation. Fortin addressed both the violations with the state board and both were dismissed.

He said that in the case of serving a minor the employee involved had been trained that very day that no one was to even enter the establishment without showing proper I.D. and for an “unknowable reason” the employee had allowed entrance anyway. The state prosecutor in the case had dropped pursuing the matter saying that the bar could not be held liable for and unknowable action of an employee.

As far as drink pricing during happy hour state statute does not allow a special price to be changed in the course of an evening unless live entertainment is provided. On the night in question the bar had offered live entertainment allowing the increase in price. He also stated the policy was clearly printed on advertising and on the Dandelion website that drink specials end at 9 p.m. when entertainment begins.

The head of the Marshall County Board Indiana State Excise Police Master Officer Michelle Traughber was concerned with Fortin “slipping out” of two violations so close together and also expressed concern over his recent complaints about other establishments when he “…should have been worried about what’s going on in your own bar.”

Since the two violations were already dealt with at the state level Traughber moved that the license be renewed for one year and held in escrow for the new restaurant. The board concurred.