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Local Personal Development Center vows to create Powerful Leaders in Plymouth this month!!

September 5, 2013

09/06/13 September 2013 is Leadership Month as part of Plymouth Family Taekwondo’s Internationally Acclaimed Powerful Words Character Development program! All students will be studying, developing and experiencing powerful life lessons focusing on the ability to inspire people to take action on a common goal.   In addition to all of the physical skills that they’ll be working on this month, students will be discussing and practicing the following concepts both in and out of class:

  Leadership defined: What is a leader? What does s/he do? Why are they needed?

  Leadership skills: Listening and communicating effectively

  Leadership skills: Group goals and taking initiative

  Leadership skills: Making powerful choices and taking responsibility

“People who are effective leaders typically understand the importance of putting Powerful Words like respect, integrity and teamwork into action in order to inspire others to follow their lead. The best leaders take into consideration the strengths of the group and encourage people to use their gifts rather than taking over the venture for themselves. They share the rewards and are grateful for every person’s unique contribution. ” says Dr. Robyn Silverman, Plymouth Family Taekwondo’s child & adolescent expert, and creator of the Powerful Words Character Development system used at the facility.

Master Tim Castle, Head Instructor/Owner of Plymouth Family Taekwondo says, “As a Powerful Words personal development center, we also want to make sure that everyone — from children to teens to adults–understand that being a leader is not about being closed-minded and stubborn but rather about being goal-oriented, respectful, compassionate and open-minded. Powerful leaders actually put their character into action and use it to motivate others and to stay on course.  Personally, I enjoy seeing our community recognized as a place with Powerful Character, and seeing our students lead the way! As this community’s premier Powerful Personal Development Center, we take this responsibility very seriously. We’re thrilled to help our students and our community to thrive and succeed, and Leadership month is going to help us to do just that.”

Plymouth Family Taekwondo’s strong curriculum and the Powerful Words Character Development system provide our students with the opportunities to become UNSTOPPABLE in life. These lessons will remain with our students for life and we’re honored to help them achieve the success that they deserve” says Castle.

Master Tim Castle is the Head Instructor/Owner of Plymouth Family Taekwondo and has helped thousands of kids, teens, and adults to embrace a positive and healthy lifestyle.