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Marshall County Criminal Mischief Investigation

October 21, 2013

  10/22/13 On Friday, October 18th at 8:00 a.m. Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Les McFarland took a criminal mischief report from the Bremen area on Beech Road. It was advised that unknown subjects used spray paint and caused damage to building and property in the area of Beech Road.  During the course of the investigation it was found that unknown subjects had spray painted the Borkholder Amish School, the New Burlington Amish School, a residence fence, roadway, traffic signs and an advertisement sign for Ren-Town Country Store located on 3rd Road.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is urging anyone with information regarding this incident to call 936-3187.




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2 Responses to “ Marshall County Criminal Mischief Investigation ”

  1. joe on October 23, 2013 at 11:18 am

    AnnF i have to tell you it was AMISH that did the crime and they did come and confess there Crime and did pay money to the School and the paint from the fence was removed Monday as i was one of them that helped remove it from the fence and the Sign to the fabric store and Rentown store . As for the school it will get new siding there by the door where it was painted . The STOP sign at beech and 3b road has been changed BY the county the county hasnt changed the one at 3b and beech yet. they however did change the sign by the school on birch road . as far and the the 2 stores that had damage done there wont be charges filed as the people did the crime did confess to doing it as for the county and the signs thats up the the county to take care of that BUT the kids did offer to pay for the signs and what they have payed money wise and ect has been more the enuff . i Hope this helps you AnnF one last note there was the TPing that was the week before in the same part of the amish village LOL

  2. AnnF on October 22, 2013 at 12:47 am

    Hey, guys! This isn’t the same as Halloween TPing. This is permanent markings, therefore,vandalism. To top it off, if you were targeting these places due to that they are Amish would constitute a hate crime.

    Go, apologize, and fix.