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Marshall County Man Charged with Attempted Rape at Jellystone

July 10, 2013

  07/11/13 Marshall County Police are currently investigating an attempted rape at the Jellystone Campground at Redwood Road and US 30. 

  About 12:50 a.m. on Saturday, July 6th the Marshall County Sheriffs’ Department received a report from a 19 year old Plymouth female who alleges that 35 year old Shawn Amor of Plymouth attempted to rape her the previous morning in his camping trailer at lot 453 at Jellystone. 

Deputy Brandon Cooper began his investigation by interviewing the victim.  She indicated that she was at the campground about 10 a.m. on Friday trying to borrow money from her mother.  He mother did not have money so they contacted, family friend and neighbor in the campground, Shawn Amor.  He agreed to lend the money so she went over to get it. 

After knocking on the back door Amor let her in.  He gave her the money and they talked.  The victim alleges that he “tripped” her face down on the bed, locked the door began to remove her clothing and removed his.  His attempt to have unwelcomed sexual contact with her ended after she shoved her forearm into his throat pushing him off of her. 

After the incident she redressed herself and left the trailer.  The victim explained that she was in shock and immediately walked to her car parked near her mother’s trailer and left, leaving her one year old son with her mother.  After driving home, she took a shower and washed her clothes.  Making contact with her boyfriend he encouraged her to tell her parents which she did. 

The female victim indicated that Shawn has tried in years past to get her to “do stuff” with him,   

Transporting the victim to the Marshall County Sheriff’s department for a video and audio recorded statement Officer Cooper indicated that her statement remained consistent.   He was able to secure a search warrant for the trailer and early Saturday morning county police officer served the warrant. 

Mr. Amor was located in the trailer and taken into custody.  During his interview Amor said he agreed to lend money to the alleged victim and she came to his trailer to get the money using the back door which enters into his bedroom.  He said she brought a child with her.  Officer Cooper indicated that Shawn Amor “changed his version of the story” several times. 

35 year old Shawn Amor was lodged in the Marshall County Jail for attempted rape, a class B felony and sexual battery as a class D felony.  He was being held on at $20,005 cash bond which was paid on Tuesday and he was released about 1:40p.m. 

The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office reminds listeners that a charge in a criminal case is merely an accusation and the person charged is presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty. 

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One Response to “ Marshall County Man Charged with Attempted Rape at Jellystone ”

  1. Dianne73 on July 11, 2013 at 10:31 am

    I know Shawn. I have known him for 10 years. He would never do this!