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Marshall-Starke Development Center Elects Board for Coming Year

July 1, 2013

  07/02/13 In their annual meeting the Marshall-Starke Development Center re-elected several board members.

Thursday the MSDC re-elected Jim Clevenger, Terry Moore, David Pearman, James Cheesman and Flora Tibbetts to a second two year term. They join fellow board members Todd Zeltwanger, Beth Sawyer, Susan Ellert, Melanie Robertson, Rick Miller, John Oliver and Mike McBride for another year of service.

The Marshall-Starke Development Center is a not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive rehabilitative, vocational, and educational services to developmentally disabled individuals and a child development program through Head Start.

The Board retained their current officers with Zeltwanger as Chairman, Clevenger as Vice-Chairman, Sawyer as Treasurer and Ellert as Secretary.

Dan Haenes – Chief Financial Officer of MSDC – gave the board a financial statement for the ending of the fiscal year telling them that MSDC was about $100,000 ahead of the previous year’s revenue. He stated that the Center had an increase of about $281,000 over the year and said that June appeared to have been a positive month as well.

Haenes presented the budget for 2014 saying that he felt there would be a positive cash flow of $120,000 for the coming fiscal year. The budget for the coming year also includes a two percent pay increase for MSDC employees.

MSDC is still unsure of what affect the affordable health care act will have on numbers. He felt confident of an increase in consumers of their services bringing an increase in projected revenue for the coming year.

Head Start will re-file their grant request for the coming year that includes a 5.2 percent “sequester” decrease in funding.

MSDC will not ask for an increase from the three county government entities – Marshall, Fulton and Starke – that benefit from their services but will ask that funding provided by the three counties not decrease.

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