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Menominee Students Dunk Principal Dunn

January 20, 2013

  01/21/13 Menominee Elementary Principal Michael Dunn got into “hot water” for the sixth year in a row for his pledge to students who met AR (Accelerated Reader) reading goals. Dunn climbed into a dunk tank on Thursday of last week and let some 300 kids and teachers throw balls at the target that, when connected, dropped him into the water. Obviously, they had good aim as well as reading skills since Dunn dropped into the water 100 times before he stopped counting. He said, “The record was 110 drops three years ago, but I got tired and quit counting this year.”

  Dunn said, “One hundred percent of both first (83) and second (73) graders made their individual reading goals and eighty-five percent of those in third (66 of 78) and fourth grade (59 of 70) met goals.” He said, “Students have individual reading goals based on their reading levels and reading tests.”

Dunn said, “Our reading test scores on DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) have also increased from the beginning of the year to the middle of the school year. One of the factors is that students are reading more.”

Teachers were also given a couple of balls each to try their luck. Dunn said, “They had balls to throw, but some preferred to just hit the button.” “They (teachers) worked hard to see that students reached their goals.” A few parents were on hand to watch the rewards fun. Dunn said, “One first grader didn’t want to dunk me, so she let her daddy throw for her…and down I went.”

Carol Anders Correspondent

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