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Monthly Reports for Plymouth Police, Fire & EMS

March 13, 2013

  03/14/13 Plymouth Police Chief Dave Bacon and Fire Chief Rod Miller presented their February Department Reports to the Board of Public Works and Safety Monday night.

The Police Department answered 568 calls for information, conducted 343 security checks, investigated 186 complaints and responded 148 times to 9-1-1 calls.  City officers signed 120 charges, conducted 91 traffic stops, made 32 criminal arrests, responded to 30 alarms and assisted 29 times.

In February Plymouth Police officers investigated 22 property damage accidents, checked on 18 suspicious vehicles, served 15 warrants, conducted 15 welfare checks, investigated 14 theft reports, use K9Jax 11 times and checked on 11 suspicious persons.  Officers were dispatched to 9 juvenile complaints, made 7 traffic arrests, located 5 open doors and or windows, investigated 3 battery cases, enacted the Merchant Protection Plan twice and responded to 1 domestic fight.

Fire Chief Rod Miller reported 151 alarm situations in February.  122 calls were emergency medical service incidents and 9 medical assists. Emergency unites were cancelled en route 8 times last month, had 2 false alarms and 2 unintentional system operations.  Fire department personal responded once each to a chemical release, an excessive heat or scorch with no fire, a vehicle fire, a person in distress, one public service assistance dispatch, a steam mistaken for smoke, one structure fire and one service call.

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