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News from Triton Community Schools

October 30, 2013

  10/31/13 Triton Community School Corporation Superintendent Donna Burroughs submitted  a number of press releases recently.  Several are listed below from the Elementary and Jr. Sr. High School.

Courtnie Doll, a fourth grader at Triton Elementary School, holds up an item to be sold at the first quarterly auction in Mrs. Reese’s class. The students have classroom jobs to earn money for the auctions as part of their classroom’s token economy.

 Classroom jobs are insurance collector, tax collector, mortgage collector, bankers, pay masters, desk cleaners, emptying the waste baskets, homework checkers, sheriff, pencil sharpeners, make up work secretary, desk inspector, assignment secretary, and copy distributors ( they pass out papers).  Each week the students get paid and then have to pay mortgage and taxes.  Insurance is optional, but six students names are drawn out each week and they have to draw a paper that might say, “Your desk has been destroyed by a flood.  Damages are $200.  If you are insured, you just pay $20. 

Mrs. Reese furnishes the majority of the auction items although students may donate things from home with permission from their parents.


  A prize drawing to award Triton Reader Book Club Winners for the first quarter of the 2013-2014 school year was held at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School the week of October 13-17.  Winners pictured are: eReader – Evan Roc; $25 Gift Cards- Emilee Oermyer, Jahi Stetzel, Kathryn Nelson, Courtney Horvath; a book – Kyle Chupp; Trojan Reader Mug – Gregory Music and Devon Rahe; Bookmarks – Breanna Riffey, Carter Kuntz, Brock Watkins, Lisa Otto, Sydney Alford, and Trevor Lark; Triton Trojan mechanical pencils – Tammy Ardnt, Brock Ayres, Ryan Kauffman, Joshua Taylor, Connor Ousley, and Emmilee Manns.  Teachers Credit Union graciously sponsors the prizes for this program.


  Triton Elementary students in Mrs. Watkins sixth grade science class were challenged to determine the volume of an object. They were given several solids that could be used with a graduated cylinder and water. The students were asked to lower the objects into the graduated cylinder to find the Volume by displacement. The students collected their data and used the appropriate units to measure.

Pictured: Russel Reichard and Jessica Gladieux