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Open Letter to Plymouth Community School Board

November 3, 2013

11/04/13 Open Letter to Plymouth Community School Board: Todd Samuelson, Larry Pinkerton, Larry Holloway, Melissa Christiansen, Gary Cook ( and former members Frank Brubaker and Ron Gifford) and to the attention of Indiana State Police Director Paul Whitesell, Chief , Governors Pence/ Daniels:


On November 5, 2013 n your considerations of Agenda Item 3.3  Consider Administration Contracts,” if Superintendent Dan Tyree’s contract is to be reviewed this Tuesday or a later date—please with sound reason decide to NOT renew his contract. Our students and staff need a strong moral educational leader, not someone who is known for his hypocrisy—as recently yet again demonstrated  by the “Rocky Top” scandal. 



Publicly supporting his Rocky Top ban for reasons of morality, Tyree  “ . . . ..pointed to the “core values” that were adopted by the School Board.  Included in the list is “integrity” and indicators included under the word. “That indicator asks if “we walk the talk,” Tyree said. “I think schools need to take a stance against the use of alcohol.”



I agree with him. However, I strongly assert based not only on fully documented evidence, but sound reason and just cause, that you and Superintendent Tyree have all persistently chosen to immorally and  repeatedly not “walk the talk” of integrity when you consistently refuse to honestly investigate numerous disturbing, indeed outrageous,  matters—not just the criminal computer tampering, but Tyree’s prolific access of salacious  pornography on our public school computers (304 pages of 8×10 color porn that he accessed, selected and copied off on 5/6/08 falsely accusing a staff member), Tyree’s offensive candy bars, your joint  support of  the Tremco Roofing Scam, the falsified public press releases seeking to manipulate the public perspective, the unjust dismissal of numerous (over 23?) respected PCS staff  members due to personal vendettas, etc. The evidence is sure. Just because the “statute of limitations” was  unethically intentionally secured  by you, Holmes, and the ISP  to expire on one crime to cover up your wrongs does not mean that that heinous crime was not committed, nor that these other disgusting behaviors never happened.. Again, the evidence is sure. Why did you each individually and as a group absolutely and most irresponsibly refuse to ever ONCE examine that evidence of our superintendent’s consistently dishonest behaviors? What were you covering up? What or who were you protecting? Definitely NOT our school community!



Read others’ assessment of  our public school superintendent’s behaviors below and in the attached 10/16/13 official complaint to the FBI. These charges are not just my opinion, but submitted by 8 citizens—including six teachers and an attorney regarding Superintendent Tyree’s and appallingly your own public school board’s corrupted behaviors the past several years.



Why did local prosecutor David Holmes and the Indiana State Police refuse to ever once investigate this class D crime? The FBI didn’t.  Read the attached complaint to the FBI; the answers to my question are frightening. After an exhaustive informal review, FBI SSRA Dave Crawford said he had no doubt public corruption was occurring in our little school system; but he also sadly stated that the FBI can only investigate federal violations of law, not state. Criminal computer tampering is a state violation, IC 35-43-1-4. The FBI exhaustively tried to find a federal law “to come in on “ . . .and they still may.



The Tremco Roofing fraud issue that under Tyree’s leadership PCS contributed to is a violation of federal, not state . . . .and the last letter I received from the FBI stated  they are still reviewing  that matter here in Plymouth. I hope so, for our schools’ genuine welfare. You as our school board refused to listen to respected citizens about these disturbing facts also. Rather than continuing to hide from the facts, read the following— as well as the complete articles/ links  (including Tyree’s mug shot) of this 9/2/13 article about Tremco, where the whistle blower won a 61 million dollar settlement—but our school lost out thanks to Tyree. Go to Here is what she wrote in part:



“Dan Tyree Was Warned!


And I (Diana Vice) can’t forget to give a shout out to Superintendent Dan Tyree of the Plymouth School District who viciously attacked me via radio and Internet after I exposed his participation in a Tremco-related school roofing scam that he helped initiate with Plymouth, Indiana tax dollars.  What say you now, Dan?

I tried to warn you before you entered into a no-bid scheme with an Ohio-based corporation that is now known nationally for ripping off  local, state, and federal governments funded by taxpayers.   You should be held personally liable for all of it, especially since you were warned ahead of time!  You’d better check those roofs for leaks, Danny Boy!  Those leaks might destroy that computer hard drive that you’re trying to keep out of the hands of FBI agents.”


 Also realize the Bremen Post of the Indiana State Police first identified the local crime to us  as criminal computer tampering,


 IC 35-43-1-4,  and advised citizens to file a formal complaint. We did. More than once. Over 100 local citizens raised complaint—by signature. Then outrageously, no doubt due to powerful local and state political pressures intimidating  Bremen  ISP Officers Don, McCay, Scott Schuh, etc. who only  then shockingly declared “there was no evidence, there was no crime” . . .while irrationally refusing  to ever once —NOT ONCE–investigate the fully documented 400 + pages of evidence, the firm testimony, and the expert analysis. 



Bremen ISP officers weakly asserted they could not investigate without your Plymouth public school board’s permission, or the ISP could be sued. They refused to ask you for that permission. Their stance is ludicrous. All the ISP needed, in accordance with Indiana law  is “probable cause.” Again, solid testimony, fully documented evidence, and expert analysis of this malicious crime provided substantial “probable cause” –which each of you irrationally refused to ever once investigate. Instead, you said you  trusted Tyree and Hill’s non-existent “investigation”—a sure case of the Fox guarding the hen house. What were you  hiding? What are you hiding still?



Why did you as school board members  adamantly cover up this fully documented crime and all of Tyree’s other scandalous behaviors? Is he your boss, or is this publicly elected school board the boss? Do you have your own porn ring? Are you guilty of fraud or embezzlement? What would cause each of you as once-respected citizens to so persistently, despite the facts, spend so much time and energy and public monies working overtime to hide these disturbing wrongs to our Plymouth community?  With your only excuse a denigration of those of us who dare to properly and consistently confront your public wrongs that hurt us all?



ISP officers—including ISP Director Paul Whitesell– in order to excuse their political correctness rather than prosecute this state crime stated that if you as the elected public school board refused to investigate alleged crimes of PCS corrupted administrators, then nothing could be done. That, too, does not hold water. If a PCS administrator stole $25,000 from our school treasury, or committed a murder of an individual (not just reputations)—would the ISP have to first get your public school board’s permission to investigate as the IPS asserted in this particular case? That is stupid.  Note: you authorized over $25,000 of public monies to be paid to the politically powerful Indianapolis attorney Thomas E. Wheeler to willfully cover up this crime, protecting you and Tyree NOT our school community you were elected to serve and protect . . . .. Then, no doubt because of Wheeler’s very close documented political friendships with Governors Pence and Daniels (and Tyree’s best friend J.O.? Who also sought to intimidate me into silence . . . )  they each refused to justly appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this ISP obstruction  or David Holmes’ obvious corruption. You threatened to sue us . . . Why didn’t you? I will tell you why:  you would have had to prove our allegations were false by providing the evidence in discovery, but in fact you could not do that as that very evidence  would condemn you all and exonerate our substantiated claims. A quick 20 minute copy of the complete computer record would have immediately proven if Tyree and John Hill were lying or not. You each staunchly refused to release that record to prove his innocence and put this issue to rest justly. Instead, you arrogantly and foolishly obstructed justice for five years . . . .and continue to do so by your willful silence to this day. Why?



I could go on and on . . . .this distressing factual history indeed could be a novel of small town public school corruption. A story that could have been prevented if only one of you in publicly entrusted  leadership had dared to act with true integrity for the sincere welfare of our students and teachers.  It is not too late. Do not renew Tyree’s Contract. Seek a superintendent who will at last restore honor to this publicly entrusted position. If you will not, either individually or as a body, act to responsibly dismiss him, please resign in the public’s sincere interests. We need role models for our students of leaders with genuine integrity lived out in lives, not just pompous words.  Sadly, you have forced many such individuals from our schools by your corrupt behaviors.



Regardless of your contemptible actions thus far, I and others are comforted in the aftermath of all these malicious wrongs to others committed by both Tyree and yourselves, that each of us will stand before the one True Judge who will hold each of us accountable for each of our sins against both His moral law and fellow citizens . . . no matter what you choose to believe for your own comfort level.



Dare Hawes






One Response to “ Open Letter to Plymouth Community School Board ”

  1. Andrew B on November 23, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    If this is for real, you need professional help.
    You wantonly trash the integrity of every public official and then close your rant by saying we will all be judged by Him. Unless He deputized you your hypocrisy is pure gold.
    While I have concerns about publishing such bitter, personal, obsessive diatribes, especially against public officials who are restricted from seeking redress, I do applaud WTCA for allowing you to expose yourself in your own words.