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Perseids Meteor Shower Viewing at Potawatomi Wildlife Park

August 7, 2013

  08/08/13 Potawatomi Wildlife Park invites you to come and enjoy the annual Perseids Meteor Shower at Potawatomi Wildlife Park this weekend.  The upcoming Perseids meteor shower produces more bright meteors than any other annual shower. During the peak of the Perseids, stargazers under dark skies could see more than 80 meteors per hour.

The dust particles that create Perseid meteors were born in the comet known as 109P/Swift-Tuttle. This object orbits our Sun once every 130 years; it last returned to the inner solar system in 1992.  Perseid meteors will appear to “rain” into the atmosphere from the constellation Perseus, which rises in the northeast around 11 p.m..

Observers can enjoy meteors on late evenings for several days before and after the Aug. 11-12 peak. Pending clear skies, bring a lawn chair or blanket, bug spray, food and drinks, plus a red-filtered flashlight for reading maps and charts without ruining your night vision.  While Sunday evening is the peak evening, those working the next day may want to try their luck on Saturday evening.


  About Potawatomi Wildlife Park: Potawatomi Wildlife Park is a free-admission 317 acre park along the Tippecanoe River south of Bourbon, IN. It is in Marshall County, just over the Kosciusko County border. Coming from the north, the park entrance is located approximately 1/2 mile south of State Road 10 directly across from 17th Road. Coming from the south, the entrance is approximately 1/2 mile north of the Tippecanoe Bridge on State Road 331.

Recognized as Indiana’s First Dark-Sky Preserve, the Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset for you to walk the trails and observe or study wildlife or learn about the historic features the park preserves. At night the observing field is open for nature enthusiasts and amateur astronomers to enjoy the universe.

Questions: Call 574-498-6550 or