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PHS Athletic Secretary/Asst. A.D. honored

February 20, 2013

  During Senior Night at The Rock, PHS Athletic Department also had a honor to present.  Longtime Athletic Secretary/Asst. A.D., Mary Beth Hunter was honored for her service to PHS Athletics.  She will be retiring in March to enjoy more time with her husband Al (who also recently retired from PCSC) and her family.  She has served at PHS Athletic Secretary since 1987 and Asst. Athletic Director for 10 year.


Since 1980 Mary Beth has been part of Plymouth Athletics.  She coached PHS tennis for 20 years.   12 years with the boys.  Her boys teams mustered 4 NLC Championships, 4 Sectionals, 1 Regional, 1 Semi-State and made a Final Four appearance.


Mary Beth’s Girl’s teams won 8 NLC Championships, 16 Sectional titles in a row and 3 Regionals.


Hunter has been named NLC Coach of the year Eight times.  Named District Coach of the Year four times.   Inducted into the Indiana High School Tennis Hall of Fame back in 1985.


Mary Beth was named the Plymouth City Tennis Director for 30+ years.


“Mary Beth said she was “retiring” from PHS Athletics in March but if we needed her she would help in any capacity.  I told her see you in April then!”, said PHS Athletic Director Roy Benge.   “We will be missing her daily.”


“I was just so surprised by tonight’s honor.  I’m not sure what to say.  I just wanted to come watch our Seniors play tonight  and that’s it!”, said an emotional Hunter during a Pre-Game interview with Tony Ross of WTCA.   And surrounded by her family, Hunter added, “It’s time.  It’s just time to enjoy my grandkids here and also down in Texas and Florida.  I look forward to seeing them for more than just a week a time.   I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful people.  Roy, John, our Administration, the parents, fans…co-workers.   Yea I’m a little sad that I wont be around as much….but like I said.  It’s time.  And I want to say thank you (Tony).  Thank you for supporting Plymouth Athletics all these years.  I can’t image what it would be like without you and the support all of these years.”


March will be the final month Mary Beth Hunter stays as Athletic Secretary.   If you can, stop in and wish her well in her retirement.  If you have never met Mary Beth Hunter…..Go visit her before she leaves. You will be better for it.