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PHS Robo Ninjas Win Indiana State Robotics Competition

March 5, 2013

  03/06/13 On Saturday, March 2nd, the robotics team of Josh Kuhn and Kennedy Schnieders (aka “The Robo Ninjas”) participated in the Indiana State Robotics Competition sponsored by Vex Robotics at Zionsville High School.  In an 86 team field that saw 114 qualifying matches, 3 semi-final “Alliance” matches and 1 final best-of-3 battle, the boys ran up a record of 10-0 on the day, easily running away with the title.

Early qualifying matches saw the boys set scoring records on the day; first a score of 205 followed later by a score of 207 and, even later in the day, setting the unreachable record of 268 points.  No one came close to those totals on the day and the boy’s national scoring record of 315 points from a competition earlier this season also still stands.

True excitement came in the semi-final rounds when the boys formed an Alliance with another team (a crucial portion of the tournament) and, in an intensely close battle, the boys partners robot unfortunately toppled over…..and by a stroke of luck boxed in their competitors, preventing them from scoring any more points in the round and allowing The Robo Ninjas to run unhindered by their opponents.

The boys then moved on to the championship round, splitting the first two decisions in the best of 3 match before taking the 3rd and final round and winning the state robotics title.

They boys were presented with a state championship banner that normally goes to the winning teams high school but because the boys are the only team not affiliated with their school, they are allowed to keep the banner for themselves.  In fact, Vex will be sending the boys a second banner that way each team member has his own.

 The Robo Ninjas are now done competing until they travel to Anaheim, CA the week of April 16th for the Vex Robotics World Competition.

Congratulations to Josh and Kennedy and, if you see them in the hall or have them in class, make sure to tell them job well done!