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Plymouth Native Reaches Out

October 28, 2013

  10/29/13 Do you recognize this face?  If you attended Plymouth Schools between 1965 and 1977, then perhaps you do.  Maybe, over the past thirty-six years you might have seen her working at a local business, patronizing one of the local restaurants or businesses around town.  Perhaps you’ve seen her around recently sporting shorter hair and a pair of dark glasses.  Maybe you know her name and maybe you don’t, but either way, with the exception of the eleven years she lived in South Bend, she’s a loyal Plymouth resident and fan.  The bright lights and excitement of a big city have never appealed to her, and she’s always been proud to call Plymouth home.

Since her high school days, she’s dreamed of putting her vivid imagination and creativity to good use, but not until the unfair hands of fate forced her to, in many ways, start a whole new life, she put her dreams on the back burner as the saying goes – and very much enjoyed a seventeen year, successful career in the financial services industry.  With a total of eleven certifications, nine from The Institute of Financial Education in Chicago, one from Langevin Learning Services based out of Canada, as a Professional Trainer, and one through Blanchard Training and Development, in teaching Situational Self Leadership, she is no stranger to hard work and dedication to purpose.  But, like all things good, they must sometimes come to an end, and the past several years have not been kind, but equipped with a strong will, sheer determination, and a healthy supply of hope, she has learned to slap adversity square in the face and draw upon the strengths God saw fit to give her.

Without further ado, it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes of this article.  Though many of you may know her by a different name, she has chosen to use a pseudonym to represent herself in her endeavor to become a published author, and what the heck, why not go for the gold and say that her goal is to become the author of a best seller.  Thousands of hours have been spent poised in front of a computer, typing her fingers to the bone.  Back and neck aching, writs cramping, and a numb posterior, all to complete a mission, not only for herself, but also on behalf of her beloved mother whom she lost three years ago.  In addition to that, she’s been racking her brain for several years now, trying to figure out a way to help out a charity, which is very near and dear to her heart.  If everyone in Plymouth and Marshall County has one thing in common – it’s that we love our children and we make sacrifices in so many ways to help one another.

 Introducing Lynndy Storm.    It is with great hope and gratitude that all of you will join Lynndy in an experimental endeavor by allowing her to share her talent with you in hopes of receiving some feedback regarding her work, but most importantly, raise money for the Marshall County Shop With A Cop fund drive for 2013.  How will this proposition become reality you ask?  Here’s how it will work.  Beginning October 29th, a limited number of copies will be made available via CD, in a readable text format, containing the first ten to twelve chapters of four of Ms. Storm’s completed works – a sneak preview, if you will.  With a minimum $5.00 donation, interested persons may obtain a copy of the CD, and an opportunity to provide feedback on each of the four stories via this Website.  All proceeds generated by the sale of these CDs will be donated to the Marshall County Shop With A Cop fund raising endeavor.

Some of you may be wondering, what if I read the beginnings of these books and they never get published?  Good question – and here’s the answer.  A limited number of the remaining chapters of each manuscript will be made available for purchase during the annual Shop With A Cop Radio Auction, sponsored by WTCA.  

Participation in this project as far as providing feedback on any or all of the books written by Ms. Storm is strictly voluntary, but as your feedback may very well make a difference as to whether or not Ms. Storm’s work gets published, your comments will be greatly appreciated.  One thing is for certain, this is a golden opportunity for any and all of you to make a difference in a child’s life.

To help you decide whether or not this opportunity intrigues you, the book titles, along with a brief synopsis are indicated below.  Also, be sure to tune in to the What’s Your Opinion show on October 29, to listen to a live interview with Ms. Storm.

   Author’s Note:  Though none of the following four books contain any measurable vulgarity, neither are they as squeaky clean as a Disney production.  It is not my intent to assault the sensitivities of the reader, please be aware that my manuscripts are intended for a mature audience.

Book Title:  Bellamy Crossing

Number of Chapters: 40, excluding Prologue and Epilogue

A fictional story, Bellamy Crossing is one of mystery and suspense, shattered hearts and forgiveness.  Mickey Redman, former husband of Dr. Bellamy Crossing, internationally known Psychologist and author, receives a mysterious package in the mail.  The package contains a small, leatherette photo album containing several Obituaries.  Shocked and perplexed by the morbid gift, Mickey is even more astonished to learn that all of the Obituaries are of former, shall we say, female acquaintances.  The deaths had all been unexpected, as well as, under police investigation – not to mention, scattered all over the country.  Unbeknownst to Mickey, at the time, each and every deceased female had received a mysterious pink envelope in the mail, prior to her death.  There was only one person that Mickey could think of who knew he had once known these women, but surely Bellamy wouldn’t have sent this disturbing item to him – she simply wasn’t capable of that measure of cruelty…or was she?  They’d been divorced for several years, and though he didn’t really deserve it, his ex-wife had always conducted herself with dignity and grace where he was concerned – they had maintained a friendly relationship, even after the divorce.  However, someone had sent this creepy album to him, and he was determined to find out, not only who…but why?  Armed with a limited amount of internet skills, and a boatload of curiosity, Mickey sets out to solve this mystery, even if that means he may have to face a truth that he’d rather die than accept.  Getting nowhere fast, Mickey engages the services of a private detective to help him uncover the truth.  Wally Kemp, considered to be one of the best private investigator’s in Mickey’s price range, follows the case through to the end, including having to risk his own life to save his client from a murderer.

Book Title:  The Price of Redemption

Number of Chapters:  40 – excluding Prologue and Epilogue

This work of fiction is a page-turner chock full of emotional turmoil, suspense and thrilling adventure. Consumed by unfathomable grief, Shane Mitchell is hell bent on making sure that justice is served to those who slipped through the cracks, thanks to the imperfections within the judicial system.  He isn’t what one might consider a vigilante – but believes in letting the punishment fit the crime.  With promises of substantial cash rewards, Shane brings the first four unsuspecting players to a remote, private island to participate in a trial run for a potential new reality show – or so the men are told.  After being treated like royalty for a week, the men are sent into the jungle with a few rations and a list of items to search for.  Each item will be worth one million dollars to the person who finds it and brings it back on day seven, which marks the end of the game.  However, none of the men are prepared for the level of peril they are exposed to – and none of them are smart enough to figure out they’ve been duped by their host, who is counting on greed and the lack of respect for human life, to facilitate the desired outcome.

Book Title:  Hay Is For Horses

Number of Chapters:

60, Excluding Prologue and Epilogue

A fictional tale featuring Miss Jessica Jane James a.k.a. Jessie James.  What was her parents thinking when they chose her name anyhow?  Her name may be spelled differently than the notorious outlaw, but she still took a great deal of teasing about it throughout her childhood.  Jessie came as a surprise to her parents, two years after their first-born child disappeared from a boys soccer tournament one sunny, but fateful day.  Violet James, Jessie’s mother hadn’t wanted any more children after losing Justine, but Mother Nature had other plans.  The James family moved from Sacramento, California to the small town of Buffalo Springs, Wyoming when Jessie was two years old.  Her childhood was a happy, but very lonesome one, and to say that Violet James was overprotective might be the understatement of the century.  Though Jessie was as normal as any other child her age, she discovers that she was blessed with a very special gift when she is ten years old.  She begins honing her abilities, after her sister Justine visits Jessie in a dream, and she is able to lead her parents and the authorities to Justine’s remains.  Years later, after Jessie has gone away to college in Denver, a long, lanky cowboy by the name of Seth Tobias hires on at the James ranch to tend the horses while Jessie is away.  It was no accident that Seth applied for

The ranch hand position – he needed help, and Jessica James was probably the only person who could help him.  With less than a hundred dollars in his pocket, and a bucketful of renewed hope, Seth leaves the James ranch in the middle of the night, leaving only a short note of apology behind.  Meanwhile, as Seth is chasing a dream all over the countryside, Jessie not only graduates with a Masters Degree in Child Psychology, but sets her sights on opening a therapeutic camp for emotionally troubled youth.  Using her stable full of horses to help the children learn to trust, Jessie feels certain that she can help the children who come to the Triple J, where all other attempts have failed.  Re-enter Seth Tobias.  Having given up his fruitless quest, he finds his way back to Wyoming – and to Jessie – but just when he thinks life can’t get any better, all hell breaks loose, and once again there is only one person who can possibly help him.

Book Title:  The Meltdown

Number of Chapters:  77 – excluding Prologue and Epilogue

Special Note:  A sequel to The Meltdown, called The Recovery is currently in progress.

This tear inspiring story is a combination of both fiction and non-fiction, and it was written to serve one purpose – to validate the strength and infinite courage of one very special woman – who is depicted in the book as Iris Berta.  Please note that a great deal of the content, as it pertains to Iris’s character is factual, and based on a true story.

Broken and catatonic at the time of her admission to a mental hospital, Melayna Jamison had fallen into an abyss

Of despair – one that she could not escape.  There had been too much emotional devastation in her life, and she’d had to face most of it virtually alone.  She was tormented by thoughts and memories of lies and betrayal and the reality of all that she had lost, by day, and haunted by soul stripping nightmares by night.  She couldn’t take any more – and there was no one who could truly understand the depth of her pain.  Dr. Thea Gianetti, patient and compassionate to a fault, is determined to break through the barriers and help Melayna

Begin to heal.  Not only had Melayna struggled with the trials and tribulations going on in her own life, but on top of the hopelessness and desperation she already felt, she had to stand by and watch, helplessly, as her precious mother battled four incurable, life threatening diseases over the last fifteen years of her life..

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  1. Judy C on October 29, 2013 at 10:31 am

    For anyone who is interested in writing books, you can meet up at the Plymouth Public Library on Monday evenings in November for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). We’ll be meeting in Laramore A, 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Mondays through November to support each other, to write our novels, and to have fun together. To register for NaNoWriMo, visit