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Plymouth School Board Conducts Executive Session

  07/29/13 The Plymouth School Board will meet in executive session on Monday, July 29 at 5:00 p.m. to develop a strategic plan for the future.

  Facilitating their efforts will be Dr. Ed Eiler, who served as the superintendent for Lafayette School Corporation for 16 years. Dr. Eiler is now a consultant with Administrators Assistance in Brookston, IN.

Plymouth Schools Superintendent Daniel Tyree said, “We want to write goals and create a vision that can be judged annually.” He said they would be looking at both financial and curricular areas.

Tyree said, “We are more than just ISTEP scores.” He added, “We want to be assessed as a total school product.”

Dr. Eiler retired in June of 2012 from the Lafayette position. He now serves as a visiting assistant clinical professor for Purdue University as well as a consultant for Administrators Assistance. Administrator Assistance utilizes a team of retired school administrators with expertise in a number of areas including, but not limited to, budget preparation, human resources assessment, and feasibility studies.

Tyree said the Board tries to avoid executive sessions in general, but are using the July meeting to find a measurement system in reference to goals as well as work on timelines.

According to Tyree, the goals will be established at a public meeting.

Carol Anders Correspondent


One Response to “ Plymouth School Board Conducts Executive Session ”

  1. Thor on July 28, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    They should be avoiding an executive session…if they actually wanted to develop goals that would support an actual future for America and it’s kids.

    The ‘New Math’ was implemented to ostensibly make it ‘easier’ for kids to understand math…the problem was that it made it harder to understand higher math. A NASA engineer incorrectly predicted that it would lead to the scientific illiteracy of an entire generation. Well, he was wrong, it’s been more than one, he should have said for the foreseeable future.

    Common Core is the next step in ensuring that America will be nothing on the world stage. China will be the next foot on the moon, we will continue to look to Russia to get us back to the International Space Station…we need an International one because we let Sky Lab (bigger, earlier, just as relevant) fall to earth.

    Well done America, go back to your twitter and your texting, you apparently are no longer part of the future. I’m sure the next ap will make it all better.

    It’s too bad…the future seemed so much cooler in the past.