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Plymouth School Board Discusses Corporation Strategic Plan

  11/08/13 The Plymouth School Board discussed a rough draft of the Corporation Strategic Plan during a Board meeting on November 5. The plan was introduced on first reading. Superintendent Daniel Tyree said the plan will focus on four key areas including: Financial Security, Facilities, Current and Future Initiatives, and Communication.

The financial piece will include new strategies to help ensure financial security for the Plymouth School Corporation and maintain sufficient cash reserves, according to Tyree. The Board plans to develop a policy for cash reserves by fund by January 2014; communicate other taxing levies regarding potential changes in tax rates by June 2014; as well as develop a 3-5 year financial plan that outlines expected revenues and expenditures. The last item will be updated yearly.

Under Communication updates, Board Secretary Melissa Christianson asked for clarification of what would be included. Tyree explained that they are looking at several different companies to upgrade the corporation’s website.

If the strategic plan is completed to the Board’s satisfaction, the plan could be adopted at the regular meeting in December.


Board members approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Miller’s

Merry Manor. The memorandum concerns an evacuation plan for the residents of Millers Merry Manor to Menominee Elementary in the event of disaster or other occurrence necessitating emergency temporary housing.

It was noted during the meeting that a MOU had been in place with Webster Elementary in the past. Plymouth School Safety Director, James Phillips, was not at the meeting; however, Corporation Attorney Jeff Houin said Phillips indicated that the railroad track between Millers and Webster could be an obstacle if a train was derailed.

Carol Anders Correspondent