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Radical Change is More Than a Band-Aid or New Pill

March 11, 2013

  03/12/13 February is always a special month of remembrance for the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation as February 18 is the day of John Kanzius’ passing; it marks four years since John succumbed to a rare form of B-cell leukemia. During this time of year, we always take time to remember John, his experiences, and why his dream of “a better way” is essential. Each morning, I take a moment to think about what motivates me personally to make his dream a reality.

John was driven by his own experiences. For me, I am motivated daily by the people I meet and stories I hear about loved ones going through cancer treatment and those who stand by unable to change what their friends and family are experiencing. In the four years since John’s passing, technology has made “a better way” to treat cancer a possibility and the Kanzius Foundation is determined to deliver a solution to this disease.  

Think back with me and consider the technological evolution of the telephone. In my life, I have gone from a phone on the wall (both rotary and touch-tone), to a wireless phone where I could walk from room to room while talking, to a car phone in a suitcase, to a flip mobile phone, to the infamous blackberry and now an iPhone…which is so much more than a mobile phone.  It is a device with power; the source of immediate information at my fingertips.  This is radial change.

Over the years, the human race has seen many radical changes in technology – everyone and everything from computers to doctors, have seen changes big and small. Technology has fundamentally changed how illness and disease are discovered and treated. Technology has allowed the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation to spread John Kanzius’ novel, innovative idea from his garage to multiple research labs across the globe. The Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment is a result of this radically changing technology and will one day change countless lives as a result. 

The “Band-Aid” mindset in cancer treatments thus far, has been to find another pill – a newer, better version of medicine that exists already. But as technology has proven, the answer is not another pill. The technology to change this disease and its body altering treatments exists. The Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment is a step in a new direction, and together we can change the cancer treatment paradigm. We, as a human race so dependent on different types of technology, still need to make progress where it matters most – in saving lives from one the world’s deadliest killers.

The methodology behind the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment is rather simple – direct small metallic particles specifically to cancer cells and pass a controlled radiowave past them, which will heat the metal and destroy cancerous cells without affecting the healthy, neighboring cells. But before John Kanzius conceived this idea and developed the technology to deliver the method to the human body, he realized that a solution to the problem of devastating cancer treatments was needed and he acted on that realization.

John’s original idea was a solution to his own experiences with chemotherapy and those of the children he watched receive treatments around him. John and now the supporters of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation understand that a radical solution, not a Band-Aid, is needed to stop the increasing number of cancer deaths – a new pill is not the answer. The time has come to stop putting a Band-Aid on the problem and provide the real solution.  That is radical change!

MARK A. NEIDIG SR. is executive director of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (