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Sheriff Granted $80,000 Additional for Inmate Food

August 12, 2013

  08/13/13 Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin appeared before the County Council Monday seeking an additional appropriation of $80,000 for prisoner meals. 

In May the Sheriff’s Department was allowed to transfer funds totaling $50,000 into the line item for prisoner meals.   Of that $50,000 approximately $8,000 is left. 

Chamberlin said, “Unfortunately we hit a mild stone Saturday evening with 202 inmates in the jail.”  He indicated that because of the higher bonds, approximately $100,000 for a meth cook, they are unable to bond out so they sit in the county jail waiting for their trial and sentencing.  On Monday there were 148 inmates in the jail who were pre-trial, 158 inmates charged with felonies, 42 charged with misdemeanors and 23 serving time. Chamberlin said he also had one for a parole hold.        

He said when he was preparing the 2013 budget they were averaging 160 inmates in the jail.  They are currently averaging monthly food costs of $18,000.  Chamberlin said last month’s average meal cost was $.95 each. He said, “I’m pretty confident that my $80,000 request will get me through the end of the year.” 

County Council members needed to determine where the additional appropriation will come from. Councilwoman Judy Stone motioned to take the money from the general fund noting that the CAGIT was created to build the jail and will be going away when once the bond payments are completed. Her motion died for lack of a second.    

John VanVactor motioned to take all $80,000 from the jail CAGIT and his motion passed by a vote of 5 – 2 with Stone and Don Morrison voting against. 

The Sheriff told council member that with over two hundred inmates he has ordered 9 portable beds and plans to make one of the recreation rooms an additional holding facility. He said his department is still working with the same number of staff as when they opened the facility. 

Judy Stone asked about repeat offenders and the Sheriff said he has one inmate currently in the facility that had been in the Marshall County Jail 18 time in the last 7 year.  Chamberlin said, “I don’t want to be the bearer of bad new..” but we will have to look at an addition in the next couple of years. 

2 Responses to “ Sheriff Granted $80,000 Additional for Inmate Food ”

  1. Thor on August 16, 2013 at 11:39 am

    Benedict? I suppose there’s an implied statement there somewhere.

    It seems to me the CAGIT is the fund created for the jail while the general is from the overall budget for the county.

    The worst offenders should be living in a tent and eating old shoes.

  2. AnnF on August 12, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Would someone, please, explain to me the difference between Judy Stone and John Benedict’s proposals?