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State DLGF Gives Preliminary Approval to 2014 County Budgets

December 18, 2013

  12/19/13 Marshall County has received the green light for their 2014 budget from the state of Indiana. Marshall County Auditor Penny Lukenbill has received a “1782” notice from the Department of Local Government Finance saying that the county’s proposed budget from the coming year has received preliminary approval from the state of Indiana.


The forms are sent to all taxing units in the state giving state approval or disapproval of budgets for the coming year. If a taxing unit receives a negative form from the state they have 10 days to respond and give a reason for adjustments to the tax rate.


Budgeting begins in June without any solid numbers on revenues forcing government entities to work from projections on revenue in order to come up with budget numbers. Lukenbill says that accounting for all possible expenses in the process is essential since “budgeting by special appropriation” during the course of the year is not a good thing for the county.


Lukenbill gave credit to county government officials and department heads for the positive vote from the DLGF saying the Marshall County Council makes the process easier with their approach to the process. While the DLGF approval is preliminary, Lukenbill says that it is rare that final approval is withheld after a positive 1782 notice.

Staff reporter Rusty Nixon


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