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Students at Plymouth Family Taekwondo Test for new Ranks

May 2, 2013

05/03/13 During the weekend of April 12-13, Plymouth Family Taekwondo had 70 students test for new belt ranks.  The students had to perform their taekwondo form, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques and self-defense.  The higher rank students also had to spar and break boards. 

  During this testing, Steve Carter tested for his 1st Degree black belt and Terry Burkins tested for his 3rd Degree black belt.  The higher rank students tested in front of a panel of judges that included 7th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Russ Northup from Indianapolis and 6th Degree Black Belt Master Mike Richards from Marion.

  On April 20th, Grand Master Northup came back up and awarded Mr. Terry Burkins his 3rd Degree Black Belt, Steve Carter his 1st Degree Black Belt and the other students their new ranks.  Congratulations to all students who tested and earned new rank.

  Master Tim Castle tested for his 6th Degree Black Belt on March 23rd in Indianapolis.  Master Castle tested before a panel of Masters and Grand Masters.  He performed forms, sparred, broke boards and concrete, and even fought two attackers in Red Man Suits (full body armor).  The battle with the Red Man attackers was a battle of stand up and ground fighting.  On April 20th, Grand Master Russ Northup came up from Indianapolis and awarded Master Castle with his 6th Degree Black Belt at the Plymouth Family Taekwondo Belt Award Ceremony.

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