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Teegarden-Tyner Days at Sebring, FL.

February 27, 2013

  02/28/13 Thirty-seven members of the Teegarden-Tyner Reunion met on Saturday,

February 16, 2013 at Homer’s Smorgasbord Restaurant at noon.  Last year there were eighty-four people attending the reunion.  It is always held on the 3rd Saturday in February.

  President Joe Bottorff brought the meeting to order and began by thanking Vice President Ben Burger and his wife, Vickie, for making arrangements for the group to meet at Homer’s.

The Reverend Charles Killian, Class of 1955, offered the prayer.

  Joe expressed an interest in Charles’ trips to Russia and his experiences while teaching in that country.  Charles told what led him to begin college, his decision to be a pastor and eventually become a professor at Asbury Seminary near Lexington, Kentucky.  Charles emphasized we all have a life history and story to tell.  He said the crossroads in the center of Tyner has led each student in many different directions in their life.

Charles’ first church was at Wolcottville, Indiana.  Another direction his life took was that of teaching in an Amish School.  He found himself in a one room school with students ranging from first grade to the eighth grade.  He studied at Asbury Seminary and eventually became a professor at Asbury.   As a professor he had the opportunity to go to Estonia, Russia.  He taught in a crowded Moscow class room where the students had to sit with their books and note pads in their laps.  There were no desks in the room.    Charles asked his wife, Jane, to send a clipboard for each student so  it would be easier to take notes.  The students were thrilled.  They still had no desks, only chairs in the small crowded room but the clipboards were a welcome improvement.

  Charles and his wife, Jane, have retired and live in Garner, North Carolina.   He still writes a short story or sermon every week and sends it via e-mail to anyone who wants to read a positive, thoughtful and Christian message.

Joe asked for some others in attendance to tell their story.  Glen Petry, Ted Jacobson and Ralph Chandler related a few of their experiences while piloting airplanes.   Joe ended the meeting by challenging each one to consider giving an interesting or unusual incident that happened in their life the next time the group meets.

  Vickie Burger invited the Polk Township residents that live in the Avon Park and Sebring area to join them for breakfast at 8:30 at the Kenilworth Hotel on Thursdays.

Officers for next year are Joe Bottorff, President; Ben Burger, Vice President; and

Arlene Fouts McCan, Secretary-Treasurer.

The Teegarden-Tyner Days will be held at Homer’s Restaurant on February 15, 2014.

Photo 1:   Ed Martin & Ruth Rinard; Ken & Marty Allen; Sue Kay and Bill Smith

Photo 2:  Deanna and Ted Jacobson; Phyllis Shank Smith; Jane and Charles Killian

Photo 3:   Roger & Arlene Fouts McCan; Joe and Sally Lemert Bottorff; Ben and Vickie Burger

Photo 4:  Don and Marlene Bottorff Swank

Photo 5:   Bob and Linda Stoneburner;  Linda Leininger Miller;