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Triton Trojan Olympics

  01/02/14 The sixth grade students at Triton Elementary School, as part of their Social Studies curriculum all participated in many events like in the Ancient Olympics games. Representing their city-state they competed in several contest. Olympics events consisted of Jousting, Javelin, Stadion Race an ancient Greek running event, Chariot Race, Shooting, Discuss, Pentathlon a contest featuring five events, Race in Armor, and  Pankration a combat sport.


The City State team that finished in first place was Corinth.  

First Row – Jonathon Conley, DeAngelo Shumpert

Middle Row – Macheala Baldwin, Maria Schwartz, Jared Bules

Back Row – Caitlyn Inhen, Marquita Overmyer, Trenton Kreft, Manuel Sarabia