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Troyer Group Updates Park Department on River Park Square

January 10, 2013

01/11/13 Mike Reese from the Troyer Group appeared before the Plymouth Park Board this week to update them on progress for the River Park Square Project.

Because the preliminary construction cost estimate of $1.8 million came in well over the proposed budget of $1.6 million several large items have taken out of the base bid and moved to an alternative bid.  Pervious pavers in the Farmers’ Market area were removed to save $100,000 and the size of the building and removing one fixture from each restroom will save another $100,000.  Other changes include a reduction is landscaping, sidewalks and benches. The performance plaza with an estimated cost of $150,000 will be moved to an alternative along with the pergola and fountain with an estimated $15,000 each in the Farmers’ Market area will also be an alternative.

Reese said the floodway permit was submitted and needed minor revisions.   The revised drawings were submitted this week.

Park Board President Dave Morrow said, “I’m hopeful the competitive bid process will allow us to put some alternatives back into the project.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the three properties in River Park Square have been purchased and the environmental inspections were completed last Thursday and Friday.  The test results are expected any day and the written report should be given to the city next week.

An underground tank was located on the LaPorte Street property.  Preliminary results show it being an oil fuel tank that is half full.  Surrisi said fuel oil tanks are less regulated but final results will be learned next week.  He said they are working on the demolition specs now and expect the Redevelopment Commission to authorize to solicit bids for the work at their January meeting.