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Unusual Jewelry Program at Miller’s

October 22, 2013

  10/23/13 Marcy Sickmiller of Miller’s Senior Living Community in Plymouth kept her audience laughing throughout her program Friday afternoon which she titled “Unusual Jewelry”. 

“I had all this different jewelry in a shoe box which I marked “junk jewelry” on the outside”, began Sickmiller.  “And then I thought, ‘wait a minute, this isn’t junk, it’s pretty nice jewelry if you have the guts to wear it’!”

As the laughter died down, Sickmiller slowly began reaching in her box and piece by piece she brought out her unusual jewelry and told a story about each piece.  Some of the jewelry she had crafted over the years and other pieces are things she purchased at craft shows or were gifts from friends.

The first necklace she displayed from her unusual collection was a yo-yo necklace.

“Now these aren’t yo-yo’s like the toy where you make it go up and down on a string,” declared Sickmiller.  “These are the kind of yo-yo’s that you make out of a round circle of material.  You can just make so many things out of yo-yo’s and decorate them all different ways.”

Other unusual pieces included button earrings, crocheted necklaces with hanging buttons, a Macadamia nut necklace which was on loan from a friend, a pop tab bracelet, a “material bead” necklace, button necklaces, cotton ball necklaces, an Arizona seed necklace, clothes pin angel and doll pins, a prayer necklace made from pieces of church bulletins, and a lovely keepsake necklace encased in sterling silver made from a small piece of a china plate. 

At various intervals during the program Sickmiller gave out attendance prizes.  Those receiving jewelry items were Jean Schricker, Katie Kaminski and Nancy Bannon.

Sickmiller ended her program with a helpful tip.

“Now remember,” suggested Sickmiller, “if you lose one earring, don’t throw the other one away.  You can always hang the leftover one on a chain and make a necklace out of it!”

She then invited everyone to come up to the table and look over her collection of unusual jewelry.


Photo Caption:  Marcy Sickmiller answers questions as fellow Miller’s residents Annie Minker, Mae Mikesell and Mary Probst look over her collection of “Unusual Jewelry”.