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November 14, 2013


  11/15/3 Congresswoman Jackie Walorski Thursday shared stories from Hoosiers about their experiences with Obamacare.  Hoosiers described cancelled plans, increased premiums, and fewer care options due to new regulations in the president’s health care law.


“Obamacare continues to cause serious problems and hardship for our hardworking families.  Please keep sharing stories about your experiences with Obamacare with me so that I can be your voice in Congress.  Instead of pursuing this broken system, it is time to work on commonsense reforms that will lower health care costs and improve quality care,” said Walorski.


Constituents can share their stories by logging on to and filling out a simple web form. 


Today (11/15/13) the House is scheduled to vote on the “Keep Your Plan Act,” a bill co-sponsored by Congresswoman Walorski, to allow health care plans available today on the individual market to continue to be offered next year.


Click here to watch.


  1. Thor on November 18, 2013 at 9:33 am

    It may be late now AnnF, but they have been trying to pause, re-write, eliminate this socialist takeover of 1/6th of the American economy for years. And reacting to legislative rewrites from the Presidential Podium (teleprompter) is a never ending exercise.

    Or do you believe they should do nothing? We should just follow the failed example of the Soviet Union so we can find out how bad it can really be?

    If you got through to a human, congratulations, but you don’t need any of their ‘services’ so there was no requirement for them to actually do anything. That time will come though, single payer will mean that whatever you have it will eventually be rolled into the one size fits all bureaucratic solution.

    634Million dollars to build a website that was supposed to give 30 million access to insurance. That’s just the website too, that cost 21 Million dollars per uninsured person. And this was supposed to be a good deal !?! What kind of insurance did these people need? Certainly nothing that would have cost so much.

    But no amount of other peoples money seems to be too much for those who think they’ll be a benefactor of Uncle Sugar. By the time they realize it was their credit card that was being used it’s too late and the shared misery of socialism is all that’s left.

  2. AnnF on November 16, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Day late, dollar short? That’s already been taken care of.

    For those of you who now say that what the POTUS did was illegal, please, check the Wall Street Journal’s article “Obama’s Fix for a Political Problem Stirs Legal Question” in the November 16, 2013 issue. “There’s a long history of administrative agensices delaying action in implementing particular statutes when there are serious difficulties in doing so….”

    As for my experience. I don’t need insurance, but called the hotline when I heard about the problems. I don’t know what happened to other people, but I was speaking to a live person in less than one minute.