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Whitley Products Closes the Doors

January 24, 2013

 01/25/13 Employees at Whitley Products in Plymouth, Warsaw and Franklin, North Carolina had a rude awaking Thursday.  They were told by their supervisors that they were being terminated immediately.

A phone call to Whitley’s in Plymouth resulted in a quick conversation with Plant Manager, Rick Green in which he read the following statement:

“Please be advised that Whitley Products, Inc.’s senior lending has again refused to provide the necessary funding to enable Whitley to continue its operations.  As a consequence, and with great regret, we must inform you that Whitley Products, Inc. has terminated operations, effective today.  For our employees, this means that their employment is terminated, effective immediately.

Possession and control of all Whitley’s operating assets is now held by Keltic Financial Partners II, Lp.”

According to their Tax Abatement Compliance Form dated 4/24/2012 Whitley Products had 110 employees.

The Franklin Press in Franklin, North Carolina was able to confirm that the same news came to the 108 employees there on Thursday.

A couple of calls to the Corporate Headquarters in Warsaw were not returned.

The statement did provide a phone number to Oleh Szczupak, Executive V.P. of Keltic Financial Partners but when WTCA called that number, we were referred to another number and had to leave a message.

5 Responses to “ Whitley Products Closes the Doors ”

  1. Kathy Bottorff on January 30, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    From the Franklin Press:
    A Franklin factory employing more than 100 workers has turned off its machines and shut its doors.

    Whitely Products, on Thursday, closed the Van Raalte Street plant, which has been in operation for several decades.

    Norman Spurback, a Whitley employee in Franklin, said he and other employees were given a letter Thursday morning that said the company’s senior lender had again refused to provide the necessary funding to enable the company to continue operations.

    “As a consequence and with great regret, we must inform you that Whitley Products, Inc. has terminated operations, effective today,” the letter states. “For our employees, this means that their employment is terminated, effective immediately.”

    The letter was given to employees in Franklin as well as those at the company’s Plymouth, Ind., plant.

  2. geezer on January 30, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Why is it that there is very little discussion concerning the closing of Whitley products? One would think that the message boards would be lit up with comments. Am I not looking in the right places? There doesn’t even seem to be any news articles concerning the Franklin NC plant. What’s up with that?

  3. gnell48 on January 28, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    i work there 15 year and the day RICK green took over everthing started going down hill nothing every got really fixed just band aid took everything away from the worker never got a raise in 7 years never wanted to listen to anyone on the floor and yell at you like the first sift leader if you asked anything my question is why they lied to all of us and work all that over time when they knew they were shutting their door they close them the friday before why open back up for 4 day with all that overtime that we may not get paid and the supervisor even ok a week vacation for march let me make reservation and everything knowing the doors where closing and the first sift and the person that made list of what to run maybe if he ran thing for the week and not stuff for next month and RICK and LONNIE LISTEN TO THE WORKER MORE THEY WOULD STILL BE OPEN so YES RICK GREEN alone WITH the other two are the reason why the door were shut and i hope for other worker that they are never put in those high position anymore

  4. manoutofwork2 on January 25, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Don’t know the full history of the company? Have work there a few years and was as surprised as everyone else. Don’t think we can only hold Mr Rick Green accountable? There were a lot of factors involved. It saddens me and a lot of the employee’s to have lost such a great job, and a great employment experience for our community. Hope someone can re-open it and bring back the good times. Miss all you guy’! Hope the best for all who have lost with this out come.

  5. outofworkman on January 24, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Well Rick Green how does it feel to know in five years you were a major contributing factor in the closing of a company with a sixty year history? Good job you jackass!