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Grocery Stores Struggle to Keep Stock on Shelves

January 6, 2014

  01/07/14 Local grocers struggled to stay ahead of demand over the weekend as area residents stocked up to beat the impending bad weather.

It was mainly staple items,” said Tony DeClote Store Manager at Martin’s in Plymouth. “Things like bread, bananas, eggs and milk.”

Martin’s was not as hard hit as some in the dairy department.

Luckily we were able to buy a lot of extra milk a few days ago,” said DeClote. “We were able to keep fresh milk out for people because of that. Bread was a different matter.”

Grocers have particular problem with that item in general during such runs on the store.

You really have to have a four day warning for bread,” said DeClote. “You can’t keep it fresh any longer than that so we can’t get supplies any earlier than four days ahead.”

Many bread aisle's at grocery stores around the county looked similar to this one at Martin's in Plymouth


Our suppliers have been great. None of them were allowed out today (Monday) but we did get a delivery truck of meat in and that was good. We told the suppliers to keep their drivers home safe. While we could use the re-supply we don’t want anybody hurt. We can wait a day for deliveries if it means the driver’s will be safe.”