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7th Road Bridge Pilings Causing Over-run

July 7, 2014

County News_logoBart Trester from USI appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning and again, he didn’t have good news on the 7th Road Project.
They started the pilings for the bridge over the Seltenright Ditch and Trester said, “We’re having pile driving issues due to sandy soil conditions.”
When they started the pile driving a few of the piles were located where there was wet sandy soil and as you drive the pile the sand liquefies. Three of the eight pile drivings on the first bed have had to go to double the planned depth of 58 feet. Two are at 90 feet and one is at 120 feet
Trester said, “We have not met the requirements for bearing at this time. He continued, “This will cause an over run on the piling items.”
When they are driving the pilings they are going down further than anticipated. He said they are holding up on driving the pilings for the other bed until they can figure out how to fix the issue.
Commissioner Overmyer said, “We couldn’t have picked a worst path through here.” Trester said INDOT has seen this same issue in other areas around the state.