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Treesh Notified of Violation of City Code for Raising Animals in the City

June 24, 2014

1116 Harrison_TreeshA violation of the City’s Code of Ordinances was the topic of Monday evening’s Common Council meeting.
Janice and Dale Treesh of 1116 West Harrison Street were notified by Keith Hammonds, City Building Commissioner and Steve DeLee the Code Enforcement officer of their violation of the ordinance which makes it unlawful to keep cattle, goats, pigs, and foul inside the city limits. They were cited for raising chickens within the city limits.
Mrs. Treesh represented by Eileen Price, a friend who grows organic foods for her spoke at the meeting. Reading a statement from Mrs. Treesh the City Council advised of the reason why the family is raising.
Medical conditions suggested eating unprocessed organic foods to improve their health conditions. Finding fruits and vegetables in the grocery is possible although quite costly and finding organically grown meat is nearly impossible. The Treesh family asked to be allowed to raise 30 chicken, 5 ducks, 2 pigs, 7 turkeys and 3 rabbits annually.
Members of the City Council seemed to understand their concerns for organically grown food but felt that allowing someone in the city limits to raise farm animals could create bigger problems.
After some discussion the council took no action and suggested allowing the code enforcement process to handle the issue. When asked if she could keep the current animals until time for slaughter the Mayor indicated they might be able to work something out.

One Response to “ Treesh Notified of Violation of City Code for Raising Animals in the City ”

  1. Thor on June 24, 2014 at 9:58 am

    I understand and sympathize with the desire to raise and eat your own food…however the area required to raise the number of animals and fowl they are asking for may create a unhealthy environment for their neighbors.

    A quick look at mapquest indicates they may not have the needed space to raise farm animals. How about run off of the refuse? Farms need to develop plans on how to deal with that so as not to impact their neighbors.

    I’m sure the rules in place were not written just to keep folks from raising animals, maybe the original intent of those rules should be considered.