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Redevelopment Commission Declines Request for Additional Metronet Extensions

July 16, 2014

Metronet_Zing Logo_smallBrent Martin gave members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission an update on the Metronet project during their meeting Tuesday evening.

Martin said progress is quiet good and about one third of the conduit has been installed. He said there have been up to three crews working on the project at a time.

With good news on the project Martin announced a savings of $60,000 in railroad permit fees. He explained that due to a recent Appeals Court decision the railroad is now prevents from charging excessive access fees. Martin said, “Marshall County contractor CSU made the committee aware of this decision.”
Another issue for consideration by the Redevelopment Commission was the addition of 35 marker posts. The markers are used as a visual clue, white with an orange cap, to locate where the underground conduit has been installed. The original contract only had 20 markers and Martin said, “Based on my recent work with Saint Joe Valley Metronet and a detailed review of the scope of work we came up with the need for 55 total.” Martin said they cost $70 each or $2,450 and after some discussion the Commission approved the additional with member Mike Miley voting against.
For months Mr. Martin has warned members of the Redevelopment Commission of the possibility of additional requests to hook-up to the Metronet once the project starts to become visual. On Tuesday he presented requests for the city to fund short extensions in the public right-of-way from Teachers Credit Union’s two locations and for the Insurance agency on East Washington Street and from Steve Palbykin representing the Plymouth Building with multiple commercial units.
The Redevelopment Commission rejected the requests noting there was significant outreach prior to the start of the project. These businesses will have to opportunity to join at a later time with all expense being their responsibility.

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One Response to “ Redevelopment Commission Declines Request for Additional Metronet Extensions ”

  1. Andrew on July 17, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I assume from reading this article that the requesting parties expected a no-cost connection to the Metronet.

    However if the committee was playing clever they might name a price that would be something that might carry with it a prohibitive “No” for those who might be looking for Freebies, and much needed cash to offset other money should they be in earnest and only interested in shortening the delay.

    I suspect many were skeptical that this was going to move, despite the outreach from the community — I have noticed that this is something that runs strong in Marshall County. I would hope people in charge are smarter than those who would cut off their nose to spite their face.