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REMC Employees Support an All-of-the-above Approach

July 18, 2014

REMCC_office girls 201407/21/14 If you visit the REMC office today you may notice all the employees in lime green shirts. These shirts encourage members to join America’s Electric Cooperatives in urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider the regulations they want to put on our power plants. These regulations that could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on your electric bill.
Earlier this spring, more than 400 Marshall County REMC members sent comments to the EPA on their regulation dealing with new power plants. Marshall County REMC can’t thank those members enough who participated. Once again, we are going to need members to help us send another message to the EPA telling them we can’t afford the approach they are taking.
The new regulation the EPA published is even more dangerous to electric bills because it deals with our existing power plants. These are the power plants that provide power to Marshall County REMC’s membership. Some of these plants use coal to generate electricity and will be hit the hardest by these regulations. Coal is one of Indiana’s most affordable resources for producing electricity, and these regulations will hurt Indiana electric cooperative’s ability to invest in an all-of-the-above approach that includes all of our resources in the future.
“Marshall County REMC and our power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Association, remain committed to being good stewards of our environment. We continually look for power sources that are both environmentally and economically sound,” said Mark Batman, CEO of Marshall County REMC. “While most of Indiana’s electricity (about 80 percent) is generated by coal, the Wabash Valley Power Association portfolio is about 50 percent. Still, even though we have worked diligently to balance our portfolio, the current EPA plan is a rush to change that will make dependable, reliable electricity more costly for those who can least afford it, our senior citizens and those on fixed incomes.”

Marshall County REMC is asking members to please take 45 seconds to visit and submit a comment to urge the EPA to reconsider their approach to our power plants. We want the EPA to work with us on regulation, not against us. This EPA approach will lead to higher electricity bills for you and your family while having little impact on climate change.


One Response to “ REMC Employees Support an All-of-the-above Approach ”

  1. MikeB on July 18, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    I support this effort. By pumping tons of filth into Indiana skies, this might speed up the demise of tea party members.