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More Giant Blueberries

September 1, 2014

Bunches of Blueberries_TriKappa_1Friday afternoon Bunches of Blueberries in Marshall County unveiled three more giant blueberries just in time for the 48th annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

Bunches Of Blueberries_TriKappa_2The first blueberry unveiled was donated by the local Tri Kappa Chapter and is located at the south entrance of the Plymouth Public Library. Painted by Heartland Artist, Jennifer Calhoun the blueberry is titled ‘Celebrating 100 Years’ and features a special logo commemorates the centennial anniversary of Tri Kappa.

Bunches of Blueberries_200Block_1Another blueberry on the east side of the 200 block of North Michigan Street was unveiled. This unique giant blueberry was purchased by six businesses on the block; Yoder’s Sports Center, Allison Kara’s State Farm Insurance Agency, Robertson Cook Insurance, the Pilot News, King’s Jewelry, and Fernbaugh’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry. ‘Blueberry Businesses in Bloom’ was painted by Laurie Balla, a Heartland Artist member and features special representation of each business in the design.

Bunches of Blueberries_200BLock_2Shelley Heiden from Bunches of Blueberries in Marshall County said, “We hope the collaborative effort of these businesses will spark other collaborative efforts of other businesses to provide giant blueberries on other blocks in the downtown area.”

Bunches of Blueberries_HeidenCreativeThe final blueberry having its official unveiling was in River Park Square and provided by Heiden Creative and Stillson Studio. They chose to reach out to the youth in art to paint this blueberry titled “World of Opportunity.” The special blueberry was painted by Katie Bowling, a PHS art student. The blueberry features many programs the high school offers to students including FFA, the band, golf, sports, theatre and more.

Heiden said six blueberries have been unveiled with another one now on display at the Dairy Queen. Three more blueberries have been sold, two by Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center and one by ITAMCO that will be unveiled later this fall. Her goal is 50 spread throughout Marshall County.

Heiden also said, “Phase two of the project is currently underway. This time the price of each 3 foot by 3 foot blueberry is $1,595 and will also provide a $300 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County.” Deadline for ordering for spring 2015 completion is November 30th. For more information contact Shelley Heiden at Bunches of Blueberries in Marshall County on their facebook page or by calling 574-274-4376.