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Affects of IREAD-3 in Plymouth Schools

July 15, 2014

IREAD3Hoosier third graders, who failed to pass the required IREAD-3 (Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination) assessment that was administered in the spring of this year, were given a chance to receive remediation in summer school and a second opportunity to pass the test. The State chose to test third graders for the IREAD-3 testing since reading instruction for the first three school years is targeted on learning to read. Starting with fourth grade curriculums, reading assignments are adjusted to “reading to learn” material.
The test was developed in accordance with House Enrolled Act 1367 (Public Law 109 in 2010).
All students in Indiana public schools and nonpublic schools who participate in ISTEP+ (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus) , and/or MAST (Indiana Modified Achievement Test) must participate in IREAD-3. The test was developed as three sessions with 13-14 items per session. The total time to complete all three session is 72 minutes, including ten minutes for instruction time.
Schools are required to administer the IREAD-3 practice test to students before they take the IREAD-3 assessment.
If a student fails to pass the test, he/she may be retained in third grade or passed on to fourth grade as deemed appropriate by the school system. However, the state still enrolls the student as a third grader until passing or falling within the limits of “good cause exemptions”. Exemptions can be given to students who have previously been retained two times prior to fourth grade, students with disabilities who’s Case Conference Committees have determined that promotion is appropriate, and English learner students who’s Individual Learning Plan Committees have determined that promotion is appropriate.
According to Michele Riise, Director of Quality Programs for Plymouth Schools, nearly all of the students receiving remediation have either passed the test or have been granted exemptions.
She said Jefferson Elementary had three students who needed to take summer IREAD-3 instruction and all three were exempted and will not be retained in third grade.
Webster Elementary had five students in the summer classes. Four of the five passed the test. The remaining student could have qualified for an exemption, but administrators are opting to retain the student in third grade.
Of the seven students taking the summer IREAD-3 at Washington Discovery Academy, five were exempted, one did not pass, and one took the test late and was able to pass the test.
Eight students from Menominee Elementary took the IREAD-3 classes and six passed the test and two were exempted.
Behavioral Health Center had two students who participated in the summer remediation. One was exempted and the second did not take the pass and was not exempted. According to Riise, both of the BHC students were from out of the corporation area.
Carol Anders Correspondent