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Annual Report of Calls for Plymouth Fire & EMS

January 29, 2014

  01/30/14 Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller presented the year-end report for activities with fire and EMS at the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. 

The EMS side had a total of 2,111 calls during 2013 while the fire side had 2,108 alarm situations.  The fire department responded to 1,608 emergency medical service incidents and were asked to assist with 149 medical situations.  121 times the fire department was dispatched but cancelled en route to the event, and had a total of 55 false alarms last year.  Firefighters did battle 29 structures fires and 20 vehicle fires, 14 natural vegetation fires, 13 combustible spills or leaks and 13 system malfunctions.  During 2013 there were 8 chemical releases and 8 other type fire calls. 

The Plymouth Fire Department was called out 7 time for good intent calls, 6 electrical wiring or equipment problems and 6 people in distress. There were 5 special outside fire calls, 4 alarms for smoke or odor problems, 4 outside rubbish fires and 3 times fire crews were dispatched for steam or other pas being mistaken for smoke. 

During 2013 the Plymouth Fire Department responded to 2 each: stand-by at another fire station, excessive heat or burn with no ignition, public service assistance and rescue calls.   Rounding out last year calls for the fire department there were one each of the following: a controlled burn, extrication, fire in a mobile property, hazard condition, overpressure, service call, severe weather, special type of incident, unauthorized burning, water problem and a wrong location. 

Plymouth fire fighters had a total of 5,778 hours of training last year including apparatus drafting, fire hose, hazmat awareness and ventilation.