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Autopsy Determines Moore’s Death as Natural

April 25, 2014


04/28/14 The Marshall County Coroner’s office Friday afternoon confirmed that an autopsy was conducted on a Culver man found Wednesday night in his rodent infested home.  According to deputy coroner Lilly Mansfield, preliminarily determined that Moore died of natural causes.  Mansfield also confirmed that the victim endured animal bites about the head and face.  Final autopsy results will be available in approximately six weeks.  Toxicology results are still pending. 

          Moore was known to have been a recluse.  Currently, no next of kin have been found. According to neighbors, and confirmed when authorities entered the home, there were large amounts of trash and rats, also multiple cats and full litter boxes.   

          The Coroner’s Office is currently trying to obtain verification that Moore had been visited on occasion by Adult Protective Services.  Marshall County Coroner Bill Cleavenger said “It is beyond imagination that anyone could have lived under these conditions for any period of time, without someone intervening.”

2 Responses to “ Autopsy Determines Moore’s Death as Natural ”

  1. Thor on April 30, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Why would it be governments job to do this? Where are the family and neighbors?

    Anytime you rely on a bureaucracy to do the humane thing you can be assured that it won’t. It’s not that the people who work for it are bad (though I’m sure they are representative of the population as a whole) but there are checklists to follow and hours to observe…and budgets to protect and no personal responsibility for the outcome. Government health care is the very poster child for death panels; though death by regulation and checklist is probably more accurate. No citizen (subject) is worth convening a panel for. The ‘caretaker’ will just run the checklist and do what it says.

    Back to the original topic…relying on others for you and your neighbors welfare will never turn out well. It will always be someone else’s responsibility.

  2. on April 28, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Mr. Moore is not the only person living in Marshall County in such filth. I think there is a problem with Adult Protective Services. When do they intervene? I know of a husband and wife who live in Garden Court Downtown, who really need to be placed in a nursing home, so they get the care they need. The wife is currently at Millers Merry Manor due to a severe infection in her leg. The husband should be put in a home so as to get his medications properly and regular meals. When does a person let Adult Protective Services know of a problem?