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City Board to look at Garro Street Parking Issue

March 13, 2014

  03/13/14 Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt asked members of the Board of Public Works and Safety for their recommendation on the parking on Garro Street at River Park Square.

Monday night Marquardt said a temporary parking restriction on both sides of Garro Street last year during construction.  Now that the majority of the work on phase one of the park is complete people have been parking on the south side of the street across from Hoffman Brother’s Auto Parks and the commercial building that’s been changed into residential units.

  With the creation of the new park “bump-outs” were installed causing traffic to slowdown in the area.  With people parking on one side traffic is restricted because the width is only 28 feet, not wide enough for two lanes of traffic and parking.  The police have been down several times and had the vehicles moved but Marquardt thought a more permanent solution was needed. 

Mayor Mark Senter asked members of the Board of Works to visit the area and come to the March 31st meeting with a recommendation.