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City Code Enforcement Moves to Police Department

March 19, 2014

03/20/14 For about ten years the job of code enforcement has been administered by the City of Plymouth Building Commissioner.  Mayor Mark Senter announced during his State of The City address on February 24th that was about to change.  Beginning this week code enforcement will be handled by the Plymouth Police Department.  Police Chief David Bacon has designated day shift officer Steve DeLee and evening shift officer Jeremy Enyart to begin enforcing code violations such as temporary signage, street and sidewalk issues, refuse and weeds.  The police department has always enforced traffic, parking, abandoned/junk vehicles and animal issues and that will not change.


Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds will still be doing building inspections and zoning issues within The City and the two-mile zone.  He will stay with the enforcement of the Unsafe Building Code as well as working with the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. 


The mayor’s office would also like to announce the transfer of Marilyn King from dispatcher at the police department to the fire department and building commissioner’s office.  She will be replacing Madeline Johns who retired the end of January.  Marilyn will be receptionist and secretary for both departments and will also be working with new code enforcement officers.