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City Council Approves 2% increase for 2015 Salary Ordinance

July 29, 2014

City HallMonday night the Plymouth Common Council approved on second and third reading the 2015 ordinance fixing salaries of elected officials, appointed officers, employees and fire and police personnel.
The ordinance represents a two-percent salary increase for next year for all salary and hourly positions.
The elected officials salaries will be Mayor at $56,957.76 while the Clerk Treasurer will increase to $59,173.92 and the Council members will receive $8,413.20.
Department Head positions for 2015 will be paid as follows:
City Attorney $85,265.28
Utility Superintendent $82,781.76
City Engineer/Storm Water Compliance Super $79,965.12
Dir. Public Works/Storm Water Compliance $67,331.04
Fire Chief $59,078.88
Police Chief $59,078.88
Park Superintendent $53,962.56
Street Superintendent $53,962.56
Building Commissioner $52,278.00
Cemetery Superintendent $52,278.48
Assistant Chief of Police $50,898.96
Assistant Fire Chief $45,809.52
Assistant Chief Paramedic $45,809.52
Airport Manager $40,000.08
Recreation/Pool Director $35,997.36
The salary ordinances for 2015 have now been passed and approved by the Common Council. They will be included in the 2015 budget process.