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City Council Approves Ordinances

January 15, 2014


  01/16/14 Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council approved 2nd and 3rd reading of an ordinance amendment to the City’s Code of Ordinances concerning Trees and Shrubs.  The Urban Forestry and Flower Committee has spend the last year reviewing and rewriting the city’s policies regarding trees and flowers.  The purpose and intent of the amendments are to take better care of the city’s trees in the tree-lawn.  Some of the changes include compiling a Street Tree Record, creating a Street Tree Plan that will outline species of trees to be planted in a given block, the location of the tree line and the spacing interval between trees. 

The amendments to the tree and shrub ordinance of the city will now require property-owners to complete a permit application for removal and replacement of a tree, planting of a tree or trees and major pruning of trees.  The application also asks for a sketch of the site and information on who will be performing the work on trees. 

The Plymouth Common Council suspended the rules and passed on all three readings an ordinance adapting the fee schedule for the Park Department.  Park Superintendent Mike Hite said changes to the park fees were a reduction rental for the Young Performing Amphitheater and River Park Square Performance Area.  They reduced the rental from $250 to $200. They also reduced the residential and non-residential fee for Camp Centennial.  Residents will pay $60 a week while non-residents will pay $70 a week.