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City Council Considers Amendments to Tree & Shrub Ordinance

January 8, 2014

01/09/13 Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented ordinance 2014-2072, an ordinance to amend the code of ordinances of the City of Plymouth concerning trees and shrubs as recommended by the Urban Forestry and Flower Committee. 

Over the past year, dedicated and engaged members of the city’s Urban Forestry and Flower Committee have been reviewing and rewriting the City’s ordinances and policies regarding trees and flowers. 

The ordinance indicated that the committee will compile a list of specification and standards by July 1st of this year.  They will detail species of trees to used in new plantings, locations of the trees, how they plantings are to be handled and general rules of tree maintenance.  Once approved the information will be available to the public in the Clerk’s Office and on the City’s website. 

The ordinance calls for the creation of a Street Tree Record that will show on a map the location of existing street shade trees. It will be compiled by July 2015. There are also definitions for topping trees and pruning. 

Permits will be required to plant street trees, remove or prune street trees.  There are also limitation on fastening signs, wire, rope or other material to, around or through any tree.  The ordinance also has a provision for those who violate the ordinance with a penalty of $250 per violation. 

The City Council will consider this ordinance on second reading at their meeting on Monday, January 13th.