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City of Plymouth to Unveil New Logo

June 16, 2014

Plymouth Inc. 2014Join the celebration as community leaders unveil a new logo for the City of Plymouth at the official opening of River Park Square on Saturday, June 21, at 9:00 a.m. The logo will be an extension of the city’s new brand, its authentic message about the community, its identity, purpose, and promise.

Plymouth is one of many towns and cities in the region developing a brand to share its heritage and stories. Every community has a unique story to share, including Plymouth, and putting that story into words and symbols invites others to experience all the city has to offer. The city’s brand creates regional awareness and recognition for the community. It also adds value by encouraging civic pride and high expectations for those who grow up here, and it shapes consumer perceptions of the city for a competitive advantage in an economy where every dollar counts. The logo to be unveiled on Saturday, June 21 will appear on signage and all city communications.

“Plymouth has needed a brand for a long time,” said Mark Senter, Mayor of Plymouth, who has been involved with this process since its inception. “Now we have a new logo to promote our community. It has been a rewarding process and I truly appreciate everyone’s involvement, including the agencies, Heiden Creative … and Company and Insight Strategic Concepts, Inc., who guided us through the process.”

For five months, a core team made up of community leaders, including Mayor Mark Senter, met to develop a brand identity for the city of Plymouth. To ensure that a thorough cross-section of the community had input into the process, the core team partnered with the members of seven focus groups from the areas of Public Safety and Healthcare, Education, Seniors, Families, Business and Commerce, and Service Organizations and Churches. Over fifty members of the community participated in the focus groups.

The discussion process revealed, among many insights, a strong sense of civic pride in the town’s history, as well as a willingness to connect with other communities regionally through innovations such as the Metronet. Plymouth’s proximity to larger cities, as well as to major highways, was an indication of future economic development, and a commitment to education and a spirit of entrepreneurship were seen as important parts of Plymouth’s message that should be conveyed to others.

The focus group research identified Six Core Values that should be represented in Plymouth’s message:

1. Sense of Community. Plymouth is a small city with a history and legacy. Its residents are generous, philanthropic, and willing to help others with compassion and acceptance of diversity.

2. Industry and Innovation. Plymouth’s workforce focuses on excellence, responsibility, progress, and growth. Our citizens have a strong work ethic and are employed in a wealth of smaller industries.

3. Infrastructure and Safety. Plymouth is a safe place, with convenient access to retail and commerce. The city lies at the crossroads of America with easy routes to larger cities.

4. Family and Friends. Plymouth’s citizens value their community as a great place to raise a family. The people are described as loving, caring, and joyful.

5. Education. The schools are respected for their curricula, extracurricular activities, and sports.

6. Parks and Trails. Plymouth’s investment in green space and parks is highly regarded and expanding.

All six values are represented in the newly created logo, which will soon be a common sight around Plymouth. “Now we have a new logo to promote our community, and in the next few years, look for it on the WELCOME TO PLYMOUTH signage as you enter the city,” said Mayor Mark Senter.

Everyone is welcome to attend the historic unveiling of Plymouth’s new city logo on June 21, 2014, at 9:00 a.m., along with the ribbon-cutting that will open the city’s newest park, River Park Square.