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City Park Board Denies Request for Beer Tasting at BBQ Contest

May 6, 2014

Monday evening the Plymouth Park Board passed a motion to deny the request of the Marshall County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to hold a beer tasting event during the Kansas City Barbeque Society BBQ Competition September 19th and 20th in Centennial Park.

Cori Humes, Executive Director of the Tourism office was hoping to create a more visitor friendly event by adding a couple of new events.  They have already added a People’s Choice category that will be held on Friday night and a Backyard BBQ on Saturday that will be open to any local BBQ cooker who wants to participate in a friendly competition.

Humes said the idea of a beer tasting came up and they thought holding it inside the horse-barn with a possible open but fenced area on the east side would allow attendees to still be able to watch the BBQ competition and enjoy the entertainment as well. 

Humes explained that local brewery, Evil Czech in Culver would provide 3 to 4 micro brews along with a couple of imports.  They would provided the licensed bartenders and servers and all participants would be required to purchase a ticket and show photo ID for proof of age.  Security would be provided and an additional insurance policy would be provided to cover liability.  All funds from the tickets would go to the brewery. 

Mike Kershner, VP of the Park Board said he was concerned that allowing this might open up the possibility to the Blueberry Festival and other organizations.  He was also concerned with the sale of alcohol in the park. 

Humes said she would be willing to only have pre-sale tickets available at the Tourism Office prior to the event. 

Board member Bob Beiter said he too was concerned with setting a precedent. He did note that allowing patrons to bring their own alcohol to the Encore Performing Arts events at the Young amphitheater was the wish of Mr. & Mrs. Young who donated the facility. 

Board member Jim Causey said, “We are stewards of the park and although what you’ve asked for goes along with your event, I don’t want to be endorsing alcohol in the park.”   

Humes aid, BBQ and beer goes hand in hand.  We just wanted to provide an extra added event for the public to enjoy.”

The Plymouth Park Board voted 5 to 0 to deny the request. 

Humes commented that the Kansas City Barbecue Society event would go on as planned in mid September.