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City Redevelopment Commission Updated a Various Projects

August 20, 2014

City NEwsDuring Tuesday night’s Redevelopment Commission meeting City Engineer Rick Gaul reported that INDOT did not accept the close out documentation from Cripe Engineers of the Oak Drive project north of US 30. A meeting is scheduled next week to review what needs to be done.

Brent Martin updated members on the Metronet project, reporting that Michiana Contracting is approximately 70% complete. He said remaining work includes downtown Plymouth and part of North Michigan Street, Jefferson Street from Michigan to Oak Drive and they still have the railroad crossings to complete. The permit payments have been sent to Norfolk/Southern for the four crossings and the two CSX Crossing agreements, one for the city and one for the county have been received and that permit payment was approved. Martin indicated, “There will be an additional fee for a railroad flagger at the crossings.” Commissioner Miley asked if the project would be completed on schedule and Martin said it looks like it will. A test boring through the foundation of the fire station has been completed and approved. This will bring the Metronet into the fire house.

River Park Square:

Mike Reese updated the commission on close out of the River park Square project in TIF 1. Reese said there are 4-6 trees that need to be replaced and some lawn work yet to be completed. This work will be done in September and October. Reese recommended releasing the project retainage except for $4,834.18 to cover the cost of the work yet to be completed. The Commission approved the release of retainage to Michiana Contracting.

Commission member Nancy Felde asked about the Christmas Tree in River Park Square that looks dead. Mike Reese from the Troyer Group confirmed the tree needs to be replaced. This tree was a donation by Price Nurseries, so it was not part of the River Park Square contract. Reese felt the tree died because it was sitting in too much water earlier this year when there was so much rainfall and the tree was also being irrigated daily. He is working with Superintendent Hite on a replacement tree. Reese feels a different species would be better and will work also with Hensler Nurseries as they have a larger inventory of bigger trees.

During the discussion of TIF 2, Clerk Treasurer Toni Hutchings mentioned that Wissco Irrigation had sent some repair bills to the City which may be the responsibility of the contractor. Mike Reese was not aware of this issue and will check into the problem with Park Superintendent Mike Hite.

The final agenda item for the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission was approval of a contract with Umbaugh Associates to study the values within the three TIF Districts to make sure the amounts the redevelopment commission receives are accurate. The cost will be billed hourly not to exceed $1,500 per TIF District.