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Clarification on Meth located at the BP in Argos.

March 5, 2014

  Argos Police Chief Rodney Rudd posted the following on the Meth Watch Facebook page:

When contacted by media I reviewed the officer’s report which stated the packet of Meth was located on the floor by the gum.

A different officer met with BP management and reviewed the video, that officer’s supplemental report had not been submitted when I responded to the ” meth found taped to a candy bar ” comment.

The meth was not taped to a candy bar or gum. From the video is appears it was wedged between two packs of gum.

This is quite alarming and not taken lightly. I apologize for the confusion created by more than one officer working on the case.

I applaud the creator and participants of this page for working with the police to assist in getting this awful drug off our streets and out of our community.

Chief Rodney Rudd


And this is his correspondence with WTCA today:

Being found on the gum shelf was not conveyed to the officer that took the report, it was his understanding that it was found on the floor near the big league gum and that’s exactly what is in his report.

The video was not reviewed until the next day. The officer that took the report did not see the video. A dayshift officer reviewed the footage and did a supplemental report. 

When I was contacted about it being “taped” to a “candy bar” I reviewed the first officer’s report and gave you the information. 

The second officer’s supplemental report had not been submitted.

I apologize for the confusion created by more than one officer being involved in a case. 

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One Response to “ Clarification on Meth located at the BP in Argos. ”

  1. Andrew on March 6, 2014 at 7:50 am

    I have said it once and will say it again. That Meth-Watch facebook page is not unlike a modern day lynch mob.

    Meth is bad — yes! No doubt about it, but if people will remember back late last year there was a house that caught fire in Plymouth and a man from Walkerton was killed — that page immediately sprung into action and declared it a Meth related fire — which was later disproved by the fire department. In fact it was an electric related fire. However, for the hours that that post remained there, the man who died tragically was defamed.

    They are too eager to get about the business of aiding the police that they step on the very things that a good policeman would never do — no any respectable news agency. I fear with these kind accolades the wheels will go into higher gear. They need instead to learn how to act and report responsibly.

    A better channel would be to use the various police agency’s drug tip lines. I know the Plymouth Police has one and has been very effective in bringing many prosecutions to completion, getting rid of this menace from the community — and in this case done in a way consistent with the values we hold as Americans.