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Cold Water Challenge Comes to the Plymouth Fire Department

June 6, 2014

Have you heard of the cold water challenge? Popular on Facebook, a person is challenged to take a dip in cold water and then donate $10 to the charity of their choice. If they fail to meet the challenge within the 24 hour time frame they are obligated to pay $100 to charity of their choice. 

Thursday night Plymouth Firefighter Fred Kaylor accepted the challenge presented to him by Brandon Bules from the Bremen Fire Department.  Prior to taking the dip, Kaylor challenged George Null with the Argos Fire Department, Chris Ramsey with the Koontz Lake Fire Department and Landon Lauber and Greg Carroll Jr. from the Plymouth Fire Department. 

What better way to celebrate your birthday then getting gallons and gallons of water dumped on you?  Kaylor took a seat on the asphalt behind a township tanker and his wife, Nichole had the pleasure of pushing the button to release the cold water on her husband Fred. 

Kaylor’s donation was made to the Riley Gear Run.

About an hour later Firefighter Art Jacobs accepted Ben Poulsen’s cold water challenge.  He also had gallons of water of cold water dumped on him from the back of the township tanker.  Jacobs picked the Riley Gear Run as his charity of choice. 

He then challenged Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter, Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller, Jimmy Gerber from the Fire Department New York and his two daughters Amy and Hannah.