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Commissioners Approve Water Cooler & Supsend Reporting by Booker

July 22, 2014

County News_logoIs an office water cooler a luxury item? That was a question for the Marshall County Commissioners Monday.
Head Probation Officer Mary Jane Walsworth appeared before the commissioners to request the $151.99 claim she presented June 13th and denied for during their July 7th meeting.
Walsworth explained that the water cooler is the office was purchased in 2008 with general fund monies. It no longer works and thus the need to purchase a new one.
Commissioner Jack Roose said, “I see some officers that have them and I see some offices that just have a little refrigerator with bottles of water in them. It just seems like a luxury item to me.”
Walsworth explained that employees in the office share in the cost of purchasing water for the cooler instead of having the county pay for it.
Commissioner Deb Griewank motioned to pay the claim and commissioner Kevin Overmyer second the motion noting that since employees are paying for the water he would support the claim. Commissioner Roose voted against the payment of the claim.
In other county business County Plan Director Ralph Booker had been requested to track the time he spends during the day on City of Plymouth business as their planning consultant. Tracking included phone calls, emails, correspondence, activities, meetings, and use of the county’s GIS.
The spreadsheet report tracked Plymouth time from February 28th until Friday, July 18th. Booker’s report indicated a total of 88 hours over those 3 ½ months or approximately 12% of his time was used for city business.
Commissioner Roose said, “We wanted to get a feel for how much time you were spending with the city and with the county as well. Just making sure we have a good mix. This is a good report and I think we are getting out money’s worth.” He then motioned to stop the reporting requirements.
Commissioner Griewank asked to have the reporting continue until the end of the year, thus Commissioner Overmyer had to make the decision. Overmyer second the motion noting that Booker is hired by the Planning Commission and not by the commissioners. He said, “This report seems to show a lot of tedious time used to track city business.”
The motion to suspend the reporting passed by a 2 to 1 vote with Griewank voting against the motion.