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Cost for Piping Overage for River Park Square Split 3-ways

February 13, 2014

  02/14/14 After months of discussion and negotiating a compromise has been reached on the additional cost of piping for the interactive fountain in River Park Square. 

Wednesday evening members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission met with representatives of head contractor, Michiana Contracting and designer, The Troyer Group.  In July Mike Reese with the Troyer Group realized the pump Roman Fountains bid for the project was a gravity fed pump and in actuality the pump was going to be housed in the restroom facility which is about four feet higher than the interactive fountain.  Realizing that it wouldn’t work a new pump was approved through a change order in the summer.  Roman Fountains failed to notify Reese or Michiana Contracting of the change in piping that would be required.    

Once it was realized that a substantial amount of new piping was needed, the onsite excavator, Haskins was asked to quote the work.  That amount was approximately $9,000 and both Troyer and Michiana knew it was out-of-line.  Tom Lenker was hired to provide the piping and complete the work at an additional cost of $6,513. 

When the change order was presented to the Redevelopment Commission in September members did not feel like they should have to bear the additional cost.  Discussion and negotiating took several months and this week a compromise was finally reached. 

Although everyone believes Roman Fountains is to blame because they did not use the shop drawings to bid the pump…They have already been paid by Michiana for the equipment and material.  Wednesday night the Redevelopment Commission offered to pay one-third of the cost; $2,171 and asked Michiana Contracting and The Troyer Group to pay the other two-thirds.  Reluctantly both agreed knowing full well that they will undoubtedly be working with and for the city in the future.