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County Building Inspector Quarterly & Year End Report

February 3, 2014

02/04/14  Building permits during the fourth quarter of 2013 were down slightly but weather conditions played a part in the reduction according to County Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt. 

A total of 74 building permit applications were received with an estimated construction value of $3,113,246.  The building commissioners also completed a total of 322 inspections in the fourth quarter.

Taking a look at 2013, there were a total of 440 building permits issued which is the highest number since 2005.  Those permits had an estimated construction value of $13.4 million which was a substantial increase from 2012 where the estimate was $10.1 million and only $9.2 million in 2011.   

DeWitt said he completed his first Health and Standard Housing Inspection last year with the County Health Department.  He will be conducting a substandard inspection in Bremen this week as the request of the Division of Family & Children. 

Since DeWitt has been the County Building Inspector the number of registered contractors has nearly doubled.  In 2011 there were 8,100 contractors registered to work in the county.  Last year that number rose to 16,800.  DeWitt attributed the increase to contractors being more educated and becoming more aware.  He did say that contractors from outside the county are more apt to register than those who actually live in Marshall County. 

The County Building Inspector explained that they have now taken on Argos, Bremen and Bourbon for permits.  Prior to this, the towns paid $50 towards inspections.  In 2011 that income totaled $4,750 and in 2012 is was $5,250.  Last year with the new agreement the permit and inspection fees rose to $10,850 and DeWitt said, “We are a whole lot closer to covering our costs.”