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County Commissoners Approve year-end Purchases and Pre-payments

January 2, 2014


  01/03/14 The Marshall County Commissioners closed out 2013 with a final meeting on New Year’s Eve.  The meeting convened at 8:30 a.m. and lasted less than 30 minutes.  Several purchases were approved with pre-payments. 

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin was granted approved to purchase a 2013 used Ford passenger van for the transportation of inmates.  Chamberlin explained that there was $25,000 in the County Extradition line item and the new vehicle would allow his department to transfer more inmates at one time.  The purchase will be an out-right sale for $22,000.  Chamberlin said he wanted to keep the smaller van for local transports. 

The commissioners approved the purchase by 2 voting in favor and Commissioner Jack Roose obtaining since the van is being sold by Oliver Ford and his wife works for the company.     

Marshall County Clerk Julie Fox told commissioners she is relocating one of her part-time employees to the records department in the basement of the Court House.  She was granted permission to purchase a news computer with scanner using funds in the 2013 Clerk’s Perpetuation Fund.  The computer/scanner is $1,583.79 and will be used for imaging county records. 

The final purchase and pre-payment request approved was for County Auditor Penny Lukenbill.  Lukenbill had told the commissioner previously that she wanted to use funds left in the Ineligible Homestead Deduction fund to purchase new office furniture for her office.  She explained that her office staff has been working for years using a miss-mash of used and recycled desks and chairs and she wanted to purchase new office furniture.   

The commissioners approved the purchase of the new office furniture at $6,155.04 and the pre-payment from the 2013 fund.   

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