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County Council Approves Additional Appropration Request

July 16, 2014

news_logoThis week members of the Marshall County Council approved several additional appropriations for various department heads.

Ward Byers from Court Services was granted an additional of $21,384 for a new full-time case worker manager. Council members confirmed a healthy balance in the Court Services fund with $363,000 on hand. It was noted that this position was laid-off when user numbers were down but many more are using home detention and the MCDAP program so additional funds are coming in to fund the position.

The County Highway Department will spend a lot more time painting lines on roadways with a $55,000 additional appropriation for road paint. Foreman, Jason Peters said, “We didn’t make the progress we should have last year.” He also indicated that this year he was able to locate a better price on paint with it costing $8.44 a gallon versus $12.18 last year. The department will focus on main roads first before moving onto secondary roads as time and paint allow.

The highway department also received a $300,000 additional for gas, diesel and truck parts. The majority of the money being appropriated is from reimbursement for fuel purchased by other department.

The final additional approved by the Marshall County Council was $5,000 for the Health Department. Wes Burden said he had enough money to rid a home of cats and rats but would not have funds necessary to demo the unsafe building. The County will place a lien on the property to recoup the funds they expend to improve the property.
County Council members unanimously approved all requests.