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County Council Discusses Employee Payment of 5% for Health Insurance

August 12, 2014

County News_logoMembers of the Marshall County Council held a budget work-session with Auditor Penny Lukenbill after their regular meeting Monday.

PennyLukenbillLukenbill said requests for the 2015 budget are $9,041,321. Estimated tax levy is $6,425,243 and miscellaneous revenues are estimated to be $2,300,000. Total revenue next year is estimated to be $8,725,243.

Lukenbill said she would like to see the County Council cut $316,000 from the budget during budget hearings next Tuesday. She said 66% of the budget is salaries so cut will have to come from other line items.

Last month the Commissioners were notified of a substantial increase to the health insurance premiums next year. It was estimated to be a 20 to 25 percent increase.
Council members discussed the possibility of having employees pay 5% of their monthly premium up from the $1 annual payment they have paid for many years. Lukenbill said there are 185 employees who have the county’s insurance. If the council moves forward with having employees pay a bigger portion the 55 would equal approximately $59,000 annually.

Councilman John Benedict said, “It’s unrealistic that everyone doesn’t share in the cost. In the long term it can’t be sustained.”

Councilman Rex Gilliland said, “I have talked to employees and they are willing to pay to keep the good policy they have.”

One Response to “ County Council Discusses Employee Payment of 5% for Health Insurance ”

  1. whatscomeofsociety on August 12, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Sure, they’ll pay 5% of that cost if the insurance is better.. What about the people with families on their plans? Paying a rate comparable to a mortgage payment every two weeks for what? The 1$ premium is great if you don’t have a family on the plan..Whats unrealistic is the coverage employees have currently.

    Why cant you model after the cities insurance?

    I hope the county employees see the trend that has been building for years. Thin out departments, put more work load on employees, while charging them more and paying less. Wonder how many more people will choose early retirement over this bureaucratic B.S.